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Features June 7, 2016

Take 25% off at our Queen + Portland store in Toronto on June 15—and meet the team behind an influential site for young professionals.

As any marketer knows, Millennials are the generation that will have the biggest impact in the coming years on everything from culture and society to the economy and technology. For Canadians part of this influential cohort, there’s a Web site tailored just to them:, the online site that offers news and features on all things relevant to young professionals, including interviews with some of the brightest innovators among their peers.

As fresh thinking is a hallmark of the Joe Fresh brand, we’re pleased to partner with Notable for a special shopping event on June 15, from 6PM to 830PM, at our Queen + Portland location in Toronto. Guest will enjoy 25% off all regular priced apparel for the evening and be able to meet the team at Notable.

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For insight into how Notable grew into a compelling voice for Millennials, we recently spent the day with Philippe Maurer, the Swiss-born Managing Director of Notable, who’s lived in both Montreal and Toronto. Sporting some of his favourite Joe Fresh summer looks, we toured the area around Notable headquarters in Toronto and got the scoop on creating Millennial-friendly content.

Joe Fresh: Tell us a little bit about Notable and what drew you to the company.

Philippe Maurer: Notable has truly become a community for young professionals over the years. I love how we give a chance to every millennial in Canada with an inspiring story to be in the spotlight for a little while. I feel that it really empowers people in many ways.

JF: What do you do there and what’s a typical day like for you?

PM: My main role at Notable is to spearhead the sales and partnerships side of the business. I make sure we are all aligned and that the communication between different team players is sound enough to deliver what we have to in the strongest possible fashion.

JF: How does Notable discover the fresh thinkers it highlights?

PM: We meet and discover many people through our different initiatives. The Notable Awards, for instance, reveal an incredible amount of talent from around the country. We also have many people reaching out to us to point to someone inspiring in their own lives.

JF: What has been your career trajectory so far?

PM: I started working with print publications many years ago in Europe. For instance, the Swedish company I worked for was the very first to bring the idea of content marketing to life. Working for a publication like Notable allows me to keep creating and developing content marketing strategies, learning and using the latest technologies, and respecting the habits of online content consumers.

JF: What do you like best about your work at Notable?

PM: Notable has allowed me to meet all sorts of amazing people from across Canada— people who constantly motivate me to step out of my comfort zone, learn and grow. It has also been inspiring to see, through our different programs, how supportive people are of each other. So many people have great potential, but they often need that little extra push to take the next step that will allow them to become happy and successful.

JF: Outside of work, we hear you love to cook and host dinner parties.

PM: To me, working hard is a very important thing. But working hard without taking care of yourself and stepping out of your work zone will never lead you to success, let alone happiness. I always make room for what I love doing. And hosting the people I love around a great dinner is definitely a moment I cherish.

JF: What would you serve at your dream dinner party?

PM: I am Swiss so it would definitely involve cheese.

JF: How would you describe your style?

PM: Because of my European background, I appreciate some colour in the closet. I find a lot of people in North America tend to resort to buying black, which I think is a cop-out. You can never go wrong with a tailored jacket, and now that it’s summer, lots of breathable cottons and shorts. I am also big on shoes and love to collect them.

JF: What are your future goals, professionally and personally?

PM: My first objective with Notable is to grow the community, improve the platform every day, and deliver better and better experiences to our readers. As far as my own business, I have been working on a restaurant project—something I will jump into sooner or later. Regarding travel, this is my favourite time of year to visit my family and friends back home in Switzerland. Living in Toronto, I tend to forget what a mountain looks like, so I always look forward to spending some of my summer there.

In top photo Philippe wears Men’s Tailored Dress Shirt and Men’s Walking Short.

Event catered by by ProvisionsTO, beverages sponsored by CrestaSocial-Lite VodkaTromba Tequila, and FLOW Water.